Canticos app review and book giveaway


Canticos app and book Giveaway!


Including phonics, counting, music, and social awareness


Developed and approved by bilingual teachers


New books and lessons added weekly


Easy to switch between English and Spanish

Canticos App 

I grew up singing "Los Pollitos" and "Sol Solecito" so I have been a Canticos fan since I first found out about their bilingual books. My students really enjoyed their board  books and we would use them during pair reading time. When I found out they were coming out with a new application I was very excited! As a bilingual teacher, I am  always looking for bilingual resources (especially apps in Spanish) for my students. I not only try to find something that is high-quality, but that is also engaging and  interactive. Their new app does just that, and it is perfect for young learners (pre-k/kinder). but to also tell you more about their new book series giveaway we are running this week! 

I love this app because:

  1. Their learning platform focuses on phonics, counting, early literacy concepts and a variety of fun and educational activities. 
  2. When you have an active subscription, you are able to download the new songs, videos and new books available every week! They even have songs about  "Perseverance" and "Good Habits", and classics like "'Arroz con leche"
  3. The graphics and songs are extremely catchy and beautiful and your students will be singing them               constantly 
  4. The app is available on Google Play and IOS
  5. 100% ad free

I also appreciate that they are adding new interactive books weekly where the students can chose between reading the books three different ways (Read to me, Read by  myself and Sing to me). This is great for learning stations!

Book Giveaway 

This is a new book series called "Bilingual First Collection". A must in every bilingual classroom or bilingual          family household, these books introduce first concepts in English and Spanish. 

In order to enter this giveaway,                                              visit us on Instagram, but                                                    hurry  because  giveaway                                                  closes  October 22nd, 2020. 

Three lucky winners will win                                                                        one of the following books:

 Letters A to Z

 First 100 words                                                                                  

 Numbers 1 to 100

Don't forget to try the app! You can try it with your students or children FREE for 7 days.


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