KB Gold Stars Points!

KB Gold Stars Points!

Earn points with our KB Gold Stars Rewards Program. Use the points to save money in our store.

100 points= $1.00

How to earn KB Gold Stars: 

The first and easiest way to earn KB Gold Stars Points is to create a free account!


It's free and you can keep track of your past purchases and manage your points on here! You will earn 200 points just by signing up!



  • Let's celebrate your birthday together! Earn 200 Gold Star Points just by telling us when it is.
  • Follow us on Instagram and earn 100 Gold Stars Points!
  • Like our Facebook page, where we share articles, quotes and free activities and earn 100 points. 
  • You automatically earn 10 Gold Stars Points for every $1 you spend. 

What are you waiting for?

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