FAQ for attendees

We compiled a list of questions from you about our virtual conference. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail info@bilingualmarketplace.com  

Which time zones are the sessions in?
Great question! All timings are shown in your local time. The only exception to this, are the dates and times we will send out reminders to you, which will be on CST time.

👕How big are your shirts?Our shirts are unisex, the sizes we have available are S to 2XL.

👕When will I get my t-shirt? It can take up to 7-10 business days for t-shirts to ship.

👕Do you ship outside of the USGreat question! We only ship in within the United States. 

🎫I registered for the General Admission, is it possible to upgrade for the All Access Pass?

Yes, we can do that for you, please send us an e-mail (info@bilingualmarketplace.com) so we can help you. Please note early bird prices have an end date.

🎫Why does the transaction say London, is this an error? No, this is not an error. The company that we use to process our payment is based in London,UK.

🎫How many PD hours are earned with the all access training? 15 hours

🎫When do I get the PD certificate? Your certificate will be e-mailed after the conference ends (Week of August 2nd,2020).

If I can't make the sessions one day, will they still be available to watch? Yes, if you purchased the GA you have 24 hour replay access If you purchased the All Access Pass you have until August 30th to watch them all! 

🌎Will the sessions focus on Texas TEKS only, or will it be beneficial for out of state teachers too? Our speakers are from all over the country, so it's beneficial regardless of what state you're in. 

💻Are all sessions live or pre-recorded? All sessions are pre-recorded except for our Live Q&A's where you will be able to interact with the speaker and ask questions about their presentation. 

Even though you can add them to your schedule, only those that purchased the All Access Pass will be able to participate. 

🌎Is this for all teachers regardless of location?Yes, it is open to all as long as you have a reliable internet connection. 

💻How long are the sessions?30-45 minutes each.

💻What if I have a question about a session? You can actually ask while watching the session! There will be a comment section at the bottom of the video. We will then use those questions during the Live Q&A's.

💻How do I login to my account? Use the three dots at the top right corner to see your schedule, watch your sessions and see the ticket you purchased.