Alphabet and Number Tracers - Trazar el alfabeto y números

Product Description

Alphabet and Number Tracers.

Alphabet tracers have a picture in the corner that are cognates (English/Spanish) so it can be used in your general ed, bilingual or dual language classroom.

The 4X6 cards can be placed in a photo album from your local dollar store or can be laminated and placed on a binder ring. For centers easily place in a basket with a dry erase marker and eraser. Number tracers are #s 0-10 and have a ten frame in the corner. This will make an excellent welcome or end of year gift for your students.

Alphabet Letters

Aa – astronaut/astronauta

Bb – boat/barco

Cc – crown/corona

Dd – donut/dona

Ee – elephant/elefante

Ff – flamingo/flamenco

Gg – guitar/guitara

Hh – hippo/hipopótamo

Ii – iglu/iglú

Jj – juice/jugo

Kk – kiwi/kiwi

Ll – lion/león

Mm – mountain/montaña

Nn – nine/nueve

Oo – octagon/octágono

Pp – penguin/pingüino

Qq – quetzal/quetzal

Rr – rhino/rinoceronte

Ss – satellite/satélite

Tt – turtle/tortuga

Uu – unicorn/unicornio

Vv – volcano/volcán

Ww – Washington/Washington

Xx – xylophone/xilófono

Yy – yogurt/yogur

Zz – zoo/zoológico

Spanish Letters

Ññ - ñandú

ch - chile

ll - llave

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