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Bilingual Bright Chevron Calendar Set and Classroom Decorations

Product Description

Getting your room ready for school?

This calendar set is a great addition to anyone's bilingual or two-way dual language classroom! 

225 pages are included in this set.

6-16: Welcome Banner- “BIENVENIDOS” and “WELCOME”.

17-40: Number days- 4 sets (2.5 x 2.62 inches) 

There is a complete set (1-31) of each picture: books, school bus, paint palette/paint brush and scissors.

41-54: Months for calendar (3.67 x 10 inches) 

55-59: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow sign (3.67 x 10 inches)

60-63: “¡Estoy listo para ir a la escuela! I’m ready to go to school!” Sign with students name tags-There are eight different students for boys and girls. 

64: Days of school sign 

65-88: Reading Banner- “ANIMATE A LEER” and “SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT A GOOD BOOK”. 

89: “El alumno ESTRELLA es: The Star Student Is:”Sign

90-104: Birthday Sign and cakes for each month. 

105-133: School Clipart Alphabet Wall Cards A-Z (10 x 7.5 inches) 

134-153: School Clipart Number Wall 1-20 (10 x 7.5 inches) These number cards are a great way to reinforce number recognition and object-number correspondence.

154-165: Table Signs 1-6 ( 7.5 x 10 inches)These signs are meant to be laminated front/back and hung over the top of a table group of kids. 

166-170: Bookmarks.

171-178: Name Plates for girl and boy.

179-192: Classroom Jobs (3.3 x 9.5 inches) Twenty four jobs that will teach your students responsibility, help them feel involved, and cut down on your workload.

193-217: Clip Chart Behavior Management: 2 different sizes: 3.66 x 10 inches and 7.5 x 10 inches. Each student begins the day on green and can have his/her clip moved up or down depending on behavior choices. This focuses on the positive as students work hard to make choices that will help them move their clips up the chart. 

218-219: ¿Where are we? Poster- Place this on the outside of your door! Use the school bus, to let people know where you are. Just use velcro to move the school bus up and down the poster! 

220-223: Schedule Cards with analog clocks - “Nuestro horario. Our Schedule” header and 5 blank schedule cards with a clock face.

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