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Biology Biomolecules and Enzymes Test

Product Description
Looking for ESL Biology tests and reviews? This biomolecules and enzymes test is designed for those ESL students that are still struggling with the English language but are still expected to show progress in the course. These tests are both printable and digital. Simplicity is the key when working with students that are trying to learn a new language along with a science concept. The test uses basic terminology. One version is English only, one is English only but has key terms in bold text in both the questions and the answers (to help ESL and SPED students focus on the important terms and material). One version has the questions translated. And a version to add your own translations is included for ESLs with different language needs.
Key Included.
  • 2 printable English versions (with and without key terms in bold lettering)
  • 2 digital English versions (with and without key terms in bold lettering)
  • 1 printable Spanish version (Questions fully translated)
  • 1 digital Spanish version (Questions fully translated)
  • 1 version that can have any language translation added
  • Key
How to use it:
  • Assessment
  • ESL students
  • SPED students
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