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Biology Meiosis Wildcat Baby Genetics

Product Description
Meiosis and genetic variation are modeled by the students in this activity. Students randomly select chromosomes to determine traits used to draw a wildcat. A PowerPoint with instructions is included. Students manipulate chromosomes through meiosis II, then model fertilization and use the resulting zygote to determine their wildcat's traits. Students can share or complete their own wildcat drawing and conclusion questions. The PPT includes both English and Spanish and the majority can be edited. One version of the questions is open-ended, the other is multiple choice. Your own language translations can be added if needed.
This is a great activity to do between teaching meiosis and starting Punnett squares. Students easily move into the concepts of genotypes and phenotypes afterward. They will recognize what the letters in the Punnett squares represent.
Print the chromosomes on colored cardstock to differentiate between the two parents.
How to use it:
Introduction to concept (Punnett squares)
Small group work (pairs)
Review of meiosis
Reinforcement (genetic diversity)
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