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Product Description

Need a fun, interactive game to practice sight words in Spanish? Well, look no further as my BOOM Cards - Listen & Build it Sight Words In Spanish will provide an exciting and engaging literacy center for your students.


Boom Cards are interactive, self-checking digital task cards that require NO-PREP (no printing, cutting, or laminating required)


This paperless deck features 65 digital cards to provide beginning readers with practice spelling sight words in Spanish.


Students read the word, click the speaker to hear the word, and build the word with the letters. This is self-checking, so students get the opportunity to fix any errors, the deck will keep any correct letters, returning incorrect responses to the bottom so the reader can try again.


This deck is PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. Students can click on the speakers to hear the directions and the word. They simply click the speaker icon to hear the word spoken to them as needed.


The cards are randomized so students can play multiple times. 


Would you like to test a sample of this game? Click the link below:

Yes please!


What words are included?

65 palabras de uso frecuente: van, si, ven, que, grande, gusta, fuimos, puedo, quiero, estoy, amigo, juego, tengo, vamos, mira, porque, pero, bueno, esto, feliz, ellos, quien, hace, mucho, veo, luego, con, bien, eso, dice, fue, dijo, voy, hoy, ella, las, del, una, en, nos, yo, muy, se, hay, es, soy, no, por, ir, era, un, fui, el, sin, la, esa, mi, son, ya, va, su, lo, de, mis, al.


What you get?

Upon download you will receive a PDF containing your link to this resource. When you click the link (Click here to access your BOOM Cards ) you will be redirected to You will be prompted to create a free account.


When to use?

Perfect for whole group, literacy centers, guided reading groups, extra practice, distance learning etc.


Why use BOOM Cards?

Boom cards are digital task cards that you play on the Boom Learning website. They are easy and fun to use!

•No printing, cutting, laminating



•Use with internet connected devices: computers, tablets, Smart boards

•Data tracking with paid subscription

• Boom Cards can be played over and over!

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