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Product Description
Time to teach skip counting? This resource includes several activities to practice skip counting by 2's up to 120 in SPANISH. Skip Counting helps students notice numerical patterns. The more patterns students see in numbers the easiest it will be for them to make generalizations about how numbers work. The objective is 1.5B Skip count by twos, fives, and tens to determine de total number of objects up to 120 in a set.
Included you'll find:
- PowerPoint presentation to practice skip counting up to 120
- 10 multiple choice questions at the end of the presentation
- 4 pages for independent practice
- 120 chart for support
- Teacher instructions
- In Spanish
Use as:

  • a teaching tool with your projector, document camera, or smartboard
  • print and go activities for independent or small group work.
  • a center activity during your Math block
⚠️ To protect the copyrighted materials, the PowerPoint presentation is "SECURED", just as a PDF document it CANNOT BE modified.
Please be sure to ask me any questions about this unit before purchasing!

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