DUAL/BILINGUAL LABELS for the classroom

Product Description

Dual/Bilingual Labels. This set includes 156 classroom labels to decorate your room and help bilingual students, newcomers and ELL students. The labels use Gómez&Gómez color codes (blue for English, red for Spanish).

The labels include:

table-mesa, door-puerta, window-ventana, ceiling-techo, floor-piso, board-pizarrón, computer-computadora, chair-silla, wall-pared, sink-lavamanos, soap-jabón, carpet-alfombra, bell-campana, map-mapa, globe-globo, manipulatives-manipulativos, clock-reloj, plug-enchufe, glue-pegamento, tablet-tableta, desk-escritorio, pencils-lápices, sharpener-sacapuntas, drawers-cajones, journals-diarios, lockers-casilleros, pens-plumas, markers-marcadores, paper-papel, scissors-tijeras, folders-carpetas, eraser-borrador, screen-pantalla, keyboard-teclado, mouse-ratón, flag-bandera, bookshelf-estante, stapler-grapadora, ruler-regla, thermometer-termómetro, trash can-cubo de basura, books-libros, light switch-interruptor de la luz, bulletin board- tablero, cubbies-cubículos, speakers-altavoces, ink pad-tinta, crayons-crayones, closet-armario, paint-pintura, watercolors-acuarelas, glitter-brillo, tape-cinta, play dough-plastilina, stamps-sellos, notebooks-cuadernos, paper clips-sujetapapeles, cubes-cubos, calculators-calculadoras, interactive board-pizarra interactiva, sofa-sofá, shelves-estanterías, calendar-calendario, cupboard-armario, mouse pad-alfombrilla, counters-fichas, games-juegos, tissue box-pañuelos, printer-impresora, filing cabinet-archivador, easel-caballete, mailbox-buzón, shapes-figuras geométricas, tangrams-tángrams, counting bears-ositos, tens-decenas, hundreds-centenas, ones-unidades, puzzles-rompecabezas, money-dinero, dice-dados, word wall-pared de palabras, magnetic letters-letras magnéticas, alphabet-alfabeto, dominoes-dominó, fractions-fracciones, foam letters-letras de espuma, geoboards-geotablas, letter tiles-fichas de letras, crate-cajón, lamp-lámpara, tissue paper-papel de seda, flashcards-tarjetas, pom poms-pompones, spinners-ruletas, phone-teléfono, hall passes-pases, timers-temporizadores, erasers-borradores, headphones-audífonos, pipe cleaners-escobillas, chalk-tiza, clipboards-tablas, beads-cuentas, popsicle sticks-palitos, highlighters-subrayadores, dry erase markers-marcadores borrables, interactive notebooks-cuadernos interactivos, constuction paper-cartulinas, doorknob-pomo, brushes-pinceles, manila paper-papel manila, number line-línea numérica, backpacks-mochila, cabinets-armarios, coat rack-perchero, rocking chair-mecedora, puppets-títeres, door handle-mirador, bean bag-asiento relleno, fire extinguisher-extintor, recycle bin-reciclaje, name tags-gafetes, first-aid-kit-botiquín, lunch boxes-loncheras, alphabet-alfabeto, stool-taburete, mdrror-espejo, plant-planta, exit-salida, cash-register-caja registradora, water Fountain-fuente, unsharpened pencils-lápices sin punta, sharpened pencils-lápices con punta, pocket chart-bolsillo gráfico, lost & found-objets perdidos, blank paper-paper en blanco, plastic sleeves-funds de plástico, scrap paper-paper borrador, craft materials-materiales para manualidades, blinds-persianas, curtains-cortinas, charging station-estación de carga, escape plan-plan de escape, class pet-mascota, dictionary-diccionario, picture dictionary-diccionario ilustrado, Math manipulative-manipulativos, supplies-stiles, North-Norte, South-Sur, East-Este, West-Oeste.

If there are any other labels I have not covered in this set, please go to my store and let me know under the Question&Answer tab and I will try to meet your needs.

Each label is about 8" x 2.5". Four labels will print to a sheet. A BLANK TEMPLATE (with the frame, no clipart) is also included. You will need to have access to PowerPoint to edit the template. You'll also need to download the font I used to create this set for coordinating purposes (it's a free font if used only for your classroom, non-commercially). Simple instructions given upon download.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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