Expanding Vocabulary-A Short Fantasy Story for Spanish Reading Comprehension

Product Description
Raise student interest in exploring new words with this fun and engaging Spanish fantasy story! Students will practice using context clues, parts of speech, word clues, and the dictionary to expand their vocabulary.
Sometimes a dragon needs some time alone. Garlok flies off in search of some and winds up getting the opposite in a most unexpected way.
This product is sold as a zip file which includes 2 PDF files:
1. Teacher Version-A printable PDF (12 pages)
- Title Page
- 2.5-page fantasy story in Spanish (789 words)-Las leyendas de Garlok: Ave de un solo plumaje
- Student response page
- 1-page teacher guide for story implementation in the classroom
- 3-page explanation for how to use the product digitally using Google Classroom and Kami (a free Google Chrome extension)
- Thank-you pages with copyright information
2. A Student Version-PDF that can be printed or used digitally through Google Classroom and Kami (a Google Chrome extension) (5 pages)
- Title Page
- 2.5-page fantasy story (789 words)- Las leyendas de Garlok: Ave de un solo plumaje
- Student response page
If you enjoy this Garlok legend, check out:
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Las leyendas de Garlok: Desdentado-It's showtime for Garlok- a hero has finally arrived! But things don't go quite according to plan, for either of them!
Las leyendas de Garlok: La torre más alta-Garlok’s tallest tower is his pride and joy, but it’s been empty for years. What happens when he finds himself with a handful of uninvited guests? 
Las leyendas de Garlok: Fuego, fuego, ardiendo en el granero-The time has come for Garlok to terrorize once more! But he’s in for a surprise when he reaches his target!
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