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Genetics PowerPoint Notes

Product Description

These Genetics and Punnett Square Notes will help you walk your ESL students through working genetic problems using Punnett squares. Gregor Mendel is introduced, vocabulary is introduced, steps to completing a Punnett square are covered and genetic problems are worked out. Mendelian, Non-Mendelian and Pedigrees are included. Monohybrid problems with dominance, incomplete dominance, codominance, multiple alleles and sex-linked traits are shown along with dihybrids. Students learn how to determine the parent genotypes and phenotypes, set up a square, and determine the genotypes, phenotypes and ratios of the offspring. Shortcuts to solving dihybrids are also included. Students will also learn how to read and identify individuals on pedigrees.

Use all sections of these notes or only the portions needed. The student copy of the notes can be used as a complete set or divided into individual concepts.

Note: Some slides can be edited, but not all. Others will require you to create text boxes to lay over the original text if editing is needed for your students.

Inside This Resource:

100 slide PowerPoint Presentation with ALL concepts (fully translated in Spanish).

Student Notes (printable and digital)

Copy of Student Notes that can be edited to add other languages if needed.

Teacher Notes

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