Hojas y centros de matemáticas para octubre -Primer Grado (Spanish Math)

Product Description

40 October Math Worksheets and Centers for first grade in Spanish (Otoño)

Language: Spanish (only)

Product Includes: (40 math worksheets for October- 1st grade in Spanish)
2- Add with drawings (Sumas con dibujos)
6- How many are there? (Cuantos hay en total?- con dibujos)
3- Finish the sequence (termina la secuencia de numeros) 
2- How much is there? (Penny, nickel, dime)
2- Tally marks (Marcas de conteo)
4- Counting sheets (I can count to 50, 100, 120 sheets) 
3- Cut and Paste Numbers in Order (Count by 5's, 2's, 10's) 
2- Count and circle the correct number of objects
2- Put 5 numbers in order (least to greatest) (Menor, mayor)
2- Cut and Paste 5 objects in order by size 
2- Identify and Color Odd and Even numbers (Par y impar) 
2- Write 4 numbers in order (menor a mayor) 
2- True or False simple addition problems (Cut and Paste) 
2- Before and After (Numeros antes y despues) 
2- Roll and Trace Count by 10's (Lanza y traza por 10's)
3- Compare number (smaller/larger)- Comparar numeros 
3- Which number is missing? (Cual numero falta?) 
2- Add or subtract? (Sumar o restar?)

This could be used in the classroom for individual seat work, morning work, math center, guided math groups, fast finishers or as homework. 

No prep needed. Just print. (Some of the activities are cut/paste)

If you would like this product in English or Bilingual; you can find it in our SpanishProfe Store under categories: math, by grade or month, 

40 hojas de matemáticas para octubre- Primer grado en espanol. Puede usar las hojas para trabajos individuales, centros de matemáticas, tarea, grupos guiados de matemáticas, trabajo de la mañana, etc. Son para primer grado pero las podía usar en kindergarten o en segundo dependiendo del niño o grupo. Este producto está en espanol. Si lo desea en ingles o bilingüe esta listado en nuestra tienda de SpanishProfe. Tema: octubre, Otoño

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