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Las monedas (Coins in Spanish for First Grade) (Dinero)

Product Description

Las monedas (Hasta 50 centavos) (Dinero)
Coins in Spanish for First Grade (Up up 50 cents)

Looking for a resource with 50 cents to $1.00:
Monedas (50 centavos to $1.00)

This product includes over 50 pages of printables (practice sheets & centers) in Spanish:
10- Count coins and write total amount
5- Draw specific amount of coins (haz cambio)
4- Identify and color coins
4- Make Change in two (2) different ways
4- Count coins and draw line to corrent amount
3- How much is in the jar? 
3- Fill the jar with specific amount of change
5- Counting mats for coin cents or practice (making multiple combinations of same amount, and sorting by type of coin)
1- page of numbers to cut for counting mats 
2- Money graphing pages
1- Identify and write the name of each coin
4- Tally mark- Flip coins sheet (cara cruz)
3- Mayor, menor, igual practice sheets
1- Coin information / reference sheet
1- Blank Piggy Bank- Money mat
1- Sheet of printable coins (to use instead of manipulatives, send home, etc.) 

This product has sums up to 50 cents (centavos) using- penny, nickel, dime and quarter. The quarter doesn't appear on all sheets.

This product provides multiple practice sheets and math center ideas for coins for you to scaffold your lessons/ unit on coins accordingly. Students that are high flyers with have the opportunity to think of multiple combinations of amounts of change. 

This product is in Spanish. It was made for first graders in a Spanish immersion setting, would also work in bilingual, and Spanish language classrooms. 

Este producto incluye más que 50 páginas de hojas de práctica y centros de monedas (dinero). Es para niños en primero grado. Incluye práctica de cantidades hasta 50 centavos. Práctica de contar penny, nickel, dime y quarter. Este producto está en español. 

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