Los animales oviparos (Oviparous Animals in Spanish)

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Los animales oviparos (Oviparous Animals in Spanish)

This resource is in Spanish. It is made for students in Pre-K - 2nd grade in Spanish immersion, dual language, and Spanish language classrooms. 

This resource includes 38 student pages: 
-Anchor/Chart in color poster about Oviparous Animals in Spanish)
-Los animales oviparos: define and draw
- Identify & Color the Oviparous animals 
- Color labeled oviparous animals
- Write/Draw- Identify an oviparous animal and say why you know if is oviparous
- Picture of eggshell- student draws what they think is inside
- La vida de un animal oviparos (primero, luego, despues, alfinal) - Writing
- La vida de una tortuga del mar (primero, luego, despues, alfinal) - Writing
- Cover Sheet (for making student packets)
- Vocabulary cards of Oviparous animals in Spanish for pocket chart or science wall (in color) 
- Vocabulario hoja en blanco 
- 5 Writing pages- with picture prompts and writing lines (de animales oviparos) 
- Bubble Chart
- 4- Research (Investigacion) sheets about four animals,- gallina, pinguino, ornitorrinco, avestruz
- sopa de letras
- Cut and Parte- sort (Animales oviparos v. Animales no oviparos) 
- Los animales oviparos pueden/ tienen/ son
- Los animales oviparos K-W-L
- Set of cards in Color to use as 1. Sort 2. Memory game 3. Flashcards
- 2 Mats for sorting
- Detective coloring sheet 
- El ciclo de la vida de una tortuga del mar (cut and paste)

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