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Place Value in Spanish 1st Grade/ Valor posicional primer grado

Product Description

Place Value in Spanish for 1st Grade/ Valor posicional para primer grado

This product is in Spanish. 

This resource was created for students in Spanish Immersion, Dual language, and Spanish language classrooms. This place value unit in Spanish was designed for students in first grade. It could, however, be used with some Kindergarten and at the beginning of the year in second grade (or as a review). 

This resource includes 65 pages in Spanish:
Lanzalo. Hazlo. Expandelo. (dice game)
5- printable/foldable dice
1- Lanza un valor posicional
2- Construye el numero (can go with the printable dice)
2- Identify numbers in tens and ones (decenas y unidades)
2- Sumar decenas y unidades
4- Colorea el numero
4- Cuenta de 10 en 10 
18- 3 piece puzzles 
3- Identify number of ones, tens and the number 
3- Colorea el valor posicional y escribe el numeral
3- Comparar numeros 
2- Cut/Paste (Corta / Pega) Activites 
3- Pages of printable unidades, decenas y centenas (could be used for center if your school does not have these math manipulatives)
48- Rainbow cards center (students can make the number using manipulatives)
2- Juegos de dados 
3- Arbol de valor posicional
24- Task Card place value in Spanish 
1- Task card answer sheet (blank)
1- Task card answer Key (clave de respuestas) 
2- posters (how many ones in a ten/ how many tens in a hundred) 
2- Activity mats (unidades/decenas and unidades/decenas/centenas) 
3- Identify unidades/decenas 

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