Silabas Directas

Product Description

Cut and Paste Sorting Initial Syllables - Recortando silabas iniciales (silabas directas) para 23 consonantes. 

Cada consonante se combina con un vocal. Por ejemplo PA, PE, PI, PO, PU. La silabas irregulares como en: gente, girasol, cinta, y cepillo se incluyen.

Students match pictures to the initial syllables in each word. Great for blending practice. All the following consonants have their own page.

23 Consonants are represented on 23 pages:
B,C, CH, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, LL, M, N, N (como en nandu), P, Q, R, RR, S, T, V, Y, Z.

Most pages have all 5 vowels represented. Some have doubles. For example the M page has two "MA" words: manzana and martillo. 

**Only the double RR page uses medial and word final syllables

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