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Spanish Syllable Cards - Las Sílabas- Las Carretillas

Product Description

Spanish Syllable Cards. Tarjetas de las Sílabas. Carretillas

Ready to print and laminate Spanish syllable cards. Print, laminate and use them all year round! The set includes 151 printable cards.

Great for classroom use or homeschooling!

Teach your kids or students Spanish vocabulary with this set of colorful cards.

❤ Syllables Included:

ma, me, mi, mo, mu
pa, pe, pi, po, pu
sa, se, si, so, su
la, le, li, lo, lu
ta, te, ti, to, tu
da, de, di, do, du
ra, re, ri, ro, ru
ca, ce, ci, co, cu
na, ne, ni, no, nu
fa, fe, fi, fo, fu
ba, be, bi, bo, bu
ja, je, ji, jo, ju
ga, ge, gue, gi, gui, go, gu
cha, che, chi, cho, chu
ña, ñe, ñi, ño, ñu
va, ve, vi, vo, vu
lla, lle, lli, llo, llu
que, qui
za, ze, zi, zo, zu
ha, he, hi, ho, hu
ya, ye, yi, yo, yu
xa, xe, xi, xo, xu
ka, ke, ki, ko, ku
wa, we, wi, wo, wu

It also includes each vowel and consonant beginning sounds card.


Cards come in size 3"x5".


- 1 PDF file with 151 printable cards

❤ Colors may vary due to screen settings.

❤ BUY ONCE AND PRINT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH! Print on heavy cardstock and laminate. Set your printer to adjust the size 3x5.


Thank you for supporting small businesses! La Spanglish Teacher appreciates your purchase!

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