Vocabulary Tracker - English and Spanish

Product Description

Here is a great resource for keeping track of a young child's vocabulary in English and/or Spanish. We often get asked as parents "how many words can James say?" but you can't quite quantify the vocabulary. This tool can help you keep track of words in different categories a child produces. It can also help you see the content of the vocabulary (i.e. is it all objects? can they label actions? how about greetings?). Speech language pathologists can use this in therapy sessions to keep track of progress. Parents can use this to keep an eye on language development milestones. I use this mostly for Early Intervention clients (children under age 3) but it can certainly work for older children.

Expressive vocabulary norms page included.

For bilingual clients I keep one copy for English words and one for Spanish words. If a child has a word in both languages it counts as TWO!

Maximum quantity available reached.

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