Genetics Station Review

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Looking for a student-centered ESL genetics review? Allow your students the opportunity to learn from and teach each other about genetics. This station review covers Mendelian genetics, non-Mendelian genetics and pedigrees.

Beginner and intermediate/advanced versions included!

Inside This Resource:

Teacher Instructions and Tips for setting up the stations. Cover sheets, dry erase markers, envelopes and individual white boards are used, but can be substituted with individual copies of activities and scratch paper.

Station One: Phenotypes and Genotypes. Students use matching cards to identify different phenotypes and genotypes. They solve Punnett squares requiring them to recognize the differences between genotypes and phenotypes as well as homozygous and heterozygous. Students check their work together and help each other where needed.

Station Two: Multiple Alleles. Students draw situation cards involving blood types, answer questions on own, then work together to check their work.

Station Three: Sex-LinkedStudents draw situation cards involving sex-linked genetic disorders, answer questions on own, then work together to check their work.

Station Four: Dihybrids. Students work on various types of dihybrid Punnett squares to find ratios and make predictions. They will also look at different parent crosses to determine offspring results (with and without working squares).

Station Five: Incomplete Dominance and Codominance. Students solve Punnett squares, find ratios and make predictions. First by answering questions on their own, then by working together to check their work.

Station Six: Pedigrees. Students label individuals, identify genotypes and phenotypes, and make predictions on various pedigrees. Autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant and sex-linked pedigrees are included.

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