High Frequency Words (Palabras frecuentes)

Product Description
These activities are designed to practice reading 50 high frequency words (palabras frecuentes) with Pre – K and Kindergarten students in Spanish. The objective is RF.K.3c – Read common high-frequency words by sight. Students will see, hear, repeat, trace, color, circle, cut and paste words thus familiarizing themselves with the included words.
This resource includes:
➣ A PowerPoint presentation with 50 words
➣ A set of flash cards
➣ A set of worksheets
Teacher instructions
The 50 words included are: a, abuela, agua, al, allí, así, bebé, bien, boca, buen, cada, casa, como, con, dame, de, del, dijo, el, ella, en, era, es, esa, este, fin, gato, gusta, ir, jugar, la, las, le, los, mamá, más, mi, mira, no, pan, papá, perro, por, que, se, sí, su, un, tu, yo.
Some ideas to use this resource are:
• Weekly word activity
• Literacy center
• Whole group instruction
• Small group
I've successfully used these activities with my Pre - K students.
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