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Valentine's Day Spanish Articulation Worksheets for Speech Therapy

Product Description

This resource is a great tool for speech therapists who want to target a variety of Spanish phonemes at the word level.

This Valentine's Day Printable Spanish Articulation resource is perfect for speech therapists who work with Spanish-speaking students. The resource includes 35 pages of no-prep activities to target a variety of Spanish phonemes at the word level. Each page has 10 words with the target phoneme, making it easy to focus on specific sounds. The words are presented in a themed Valentine's Day format, making it a fun and engaging activity for students.


  • 10 Initial B words
  • 10 Medial B words
  • 10 Initial D words
  • 10 Medial D words
  • 10 Initial F words
  • 10 Medial F words
  • 10 Initial G words
  • 10 Medial G words
  • 10 Initial K words
  • 10 Medial K words
  • 10 Initial L words
  • 10 Medial L words
  • 10 Final L words
  • 10 Initial M words
  • 10 Medial M words
  • 10 Initial N words
  • 10 Medial N words
  • 10 Final N words
  • 10 Initial P words
  • 10 Medial P words
  • 10 Initial RR words
  • 10 Medial RR words
  • 10 Medial R words
  • 10 Final R words
  • 10 Initial S words
  • 10 Medial S words
  • 10 Final S words
  • 10 Initial T words
  • 10 Medial T words
  • 10 Initial X words (i.e., "jabon")
  • 10 Medial X words (i.e., "ajo")
  • 10 Medial ñ words
  • 10 Initial Y words
  • 10 Medial Y words
  • 10 Initial CH words
  • 10 Medial CH words

Each page includes 10 words with the target phoneme(s). The resource has 35 pages in total and is no-prep, making it an excellent choice for busy speech therapists who want to save time. The pages can be printed out and colored by the students as they practice their articulation sounds in speech therapy. The resource can also be given to parents for carryover practice.

The phonemes /r/, /s/, /d/, /l/ and /n/ are the only sounds that occur in the final position of Spanish words

B words contain the letters V and B, as both letters produce the same phoneme, although there are some allophonic variations based on culture.

S phoneme is represented in Spanish with the letters S, Z and C.

Spanish has many dialects and there is a chance that your student will label the word with a different vocabulary word that does not contain the targeted phoneme.

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